Briess Bonlander Munich malt is an American, Munich-style specialty malt. Made in the true European style, Bonlander® Munich is produced from 2-row barley kilned at high temperatures. It has a very smooth and malty sweet taste and produces a golden wort with orange hues. Use Bonlander® Munich in any beer style to give it a malty punch. Munich malts are a typical element in the grain bills for altbiers, Oktoberfests, or bocks.

Briess Bonlander (Munich) Malt (per lb)

Milled or Unmilled?
  • **Sold by 1/10 Pound** Example: 2.5lbs=25 units of 1/10lbs or Bulk 55lb


    If you wish to have partial of your order milled, please explain in Notes in cart!



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